KaLeLe – Flying Tanzmeditation

Ka Le Le –  Flying
Heartopening Dance Meditation

Ka Lele aligns, balances, opens and expands you into greater flow, consciousness and freedom. Breath and movement are energising and heart opening, an effective way to reconnect with your original being.
Your brain hemispheres will get synchronized, joints mobilized, textures stretched, inner organs massaged,metabolism and immune system stimulated. Flying is healing movement in its most beautiful form.

Flying allows you to pace into the movement of endlessness. You may meet your resistances, fears, anger, sadness, joy, power and beauty. You live your freedom, here and now, looking into the past and the future and letting it go.

The great Kahuna (healer) Kahu Abraham Kawaiʻi designed Flying andtaught it as a body- and mind – training. It ist he rhythmic base fort he work at the lomi lomi massage table and – beyond that – a training for the entire self responsibility

Every Breath a Prayer.
Every Movement a Ritual.
Every Moment a Choice!

Arillas beach, left side, Corfu, Greece, in English language
Dates: June – August, listed here in June